The Super Mom's Club

What is the Super Mom’s Club?

Welcome to the Super Mom’s Club, our exclusive Facebook Group that grants you VIP access to all the extraordinary perks. Be the first to unlock exciting special events, model calls, and exclusive promotions, while enjoying exclusive offers and bonuses that others don’t have access to.

But that’s not all! This club is not just about being the first in line for new themes and promotions. I am here to provide you with invaluable resources and expert tips on making the most of your maternity, newborn, child, or family photo sessions. It’s not solely about photography either; it’s about building connections with fellow mamas in the Helena area, forming a supportive community that goes beyond capturing beautiful moments. Join us and experience the Super Mom’s Club advantage today!


How do I join the Super Mom’s Club?

Join the Super Mom’s Club here!

To get the best experience, when you request membership, include your email address. You will receive a special welcome gift, along with some exclusive deals and current promotions.

Will I be Spammed?

Absolutely NOT! I don’t like spam and I would never disrespect anyone by doing that to you. Your information will not be sold or given away. I don’t like spending my day writing emails. You can expect about one email a month or so unless a special event is taking place.

The Perks:

The Super mom’s exclusive offers such as:

      • First access to all sales, model calls and promotions.
      • Referral Bonus boosts
      • First access to limited edition mini sessions
      • Chances to win special contests and giveaways.
      • Loyalty Rewards for multiple sessions booked.
      • Sneak peeks at current sessions.

and more!